“Every sunrise holds more promise, and every sunset holds more peace” – Anthony T. Hincks


Since the dawn of time, the sun’s perpetual dynamics of rising and setting has inspired writers, authors, musicians, philosophers, and travelers. Indeed the end-of-day show is a very special, mystic, and uplifting experience. Everyone of these individuals tried to give it endless meanings, interpretations, reasons-to-be… and I bet that you, reader, are part of these curious persons intrigued by such soothing perfectness. A priceless and timeless moment you definitely want to enjoy in an atmosphere that keeps you dreaming while awaken.


“It’s the chill of a beautiful sunset that promises a lovely night ahead” – Ibid


Savvy sunset worshipers, get ready to explore the Bukit Peninsula beauty, down South the Island of Gods, through its iconic sunsets. Where are the three best bars to enjoy a sunset in Uluwatu- keep your eyes and ears tuned!