Commonly called Pantai Labuan Sait by the locals, Padang Padang is one of Bali’s most iconic surf breaks.

It is only 10 minutes scooter driving to get there from S-Resorts Bali. You’ll benefit from a glimpse of Padang Padang beach as soon as you’re parked above the path and starts going down the slope. Wait, there are a few other things coming. Halfway down the stairs, you’ll find a temple from that overlooks the surf, and it is likely that you’ll witness grey long-tailed macaques around the stairs or high up in the acacia trees. Access the beach through its unique hollow rock entrance to discover this stunning hundred-meter long stretch of sand. An unreal sight will hit you as soon as you reach the bottom of the stairs: fine, white sands, and turquoise water.



Although the waves at the back are suitable for advanced to pro-surfers due to a reef break over shallow coral, the shore is perfect for family fun and leisure. A few local warungs are going to provide you with tasty Indonesian food and icy cold refreshments. Sand castles, splashing, sunbathing, lying down with a good read under a parasol, or simply sitting back to enjoy the exotic views and the sea breeze…



Padang Padang, also known as Balinese Pipeline because of its very similar features with its cousin from North Shore, Hawaii, attracts surfers from all over the world. A fairly consistent, hollow and fast barreling wave is awaiting for the adventurous surfers to be challenged all year. The great quality of this wave is of real interest for international surf competitions like the Rip Curl Padang Padang Pro, happening almost every year in July in Bali. Even though the best season to get to Padang Padang is during dry season, so from May to September, there are waves all year round in Bali, and for everyone.

Sampai jumpa!